Customer-Driven Transformation

Rising customer expectations and customer power brought about by social and mobile technologies have made it more challenging for organizations to remain relevant to their customers. This drives the need for a deeper and broader enterprise-wide perspective of the customer, not just the customer-facing parts of the organization.

This forum seeks to answer the following questions

  • How can our organization adapt and remain relevant to our customers or citizens we wish to serve in the era of permanent and accelerating disruption?
  • How can we adapt as fast as the world is changing around us?
  • How can we offset commoditization and deliver a more profitable business?
  • How can we engage our citizens and make our services more relevant?
  • How can we turn customers into advocates?

Join us! As we examine some of the critical capabilities organizations must embrace

  • Creating a ‘customer culture’ and the challenge for CEOs and the leadership team
  • Marketing in the era of rapid evolution: new technology, roles and approaches
  • Creating and harvesting customer contextual insights
  • Creating continuous value through adaptive innovation management
  • Building the seamless omni-channel customer experience
  • Collaboration inside the enterprise and throughout the supply chain
  • Turning Big Data into real-time, actionable insight
  • Developing an enterprise architecture that allows for rapid customer-driven transformation

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